How to Pick the Best Hosted VoIP Possible


VoIP or voice-over IP is technology that allows people to connect to telephones and make telephone calls (even cellular phone calls) through the Internet and with the right software (like those made by Cisco). VoIP has loads of uses in the call center industry because it lowers the cost of making phone calls and enables BPO companies to call anyone from anywhere in the world, like from India to the U.S. As for hosted voip for offices, this tech involves getting the right VoIP provider to handle your office needs, particularly when it comes to handling calls of the inbound or outbound nature. Your VoIP should have business voice quality, in particular. It shouldn’t involve amateurish operators or sound like a typical answering machine recording made by people who are obviously not voiceover artists.

What to Look For in VoIP

* Before making a VoIP host commitment, it’s important for you to first confirm call quality. Compare one VoIP service to another. Many of them provide samples or even a trial period for their services. Take note of the rate of dropped calls and technical difficulties. What’s more, ask around your friends and family running similar businesses if a given VoIP service was to their satisfaction.

* You should set your standards high because VoIP services have advanced by leaps and bounds in the last ten years. Do test calls using their service or ask other customers in regards to their experience with a given service. You can also research online about their track record for good measure. It’s also wise to check and double check the features offered in a given VoIP package, from their call quality and speed dial to their three-way calling and call transfer abilities.

* Your VoIP service should also have distinctive rings (multiple tones for you to choose from), the ability to mute calls, off-hook call placement, and speakerphone services. It’s also wise to check the extra perks of a service, especially if two VoIP providers are neck-and-neck in your list of prospective services you’ll ultimately choose. Maybe it’s their online receptionist that ultimately wins you over. Perhaps it’s instead their online fax. Anything can tip your proverbial buying decision scale.

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